Parents — things to know


Joining Quick Stix is an easy decision.


Links to state associations:
  1. Both boys and girls play.
  2. The club program is run on a week day (so your weekends are free).
  3. The club program is five weeks of active fun.
  4. You can choose the club nearest to you.
  5. If your child loves the sport, they can join a club’s junior program in April.
  6. Quick Stix uses plastic sticks and soft balls, so it is a safe start to the sport.
  7. Kids build agility, coordination and fitness. But they also learn sportsmanship and teamwork.
  8. Parents can get involved too! It’s easy to join a club coaching session or play with the kids at home.
So, get your child involved in this fast running, fast thinking game. And watch them fly!
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