About Quick Stix


Quick Stix 3x3 is modified lacrosse for high school students. It’s fast, exciting, and it’s sneaky too! Students catch, throw and shoot the ball with a lacrosse stick in the fastest game on two feet.

Know the basics
  • Two teams play against each other (3x3).
  • Each teams has 3 players on the field at a time.
  • Each team tries to invade the other team’s space, and score a goal!
  • Each team also tries to defend their own space and prevent the other team from scoring.
  • Students need to think quickly and move quickly to outwit their opponents.
  • Students can use slightly different techniques (for different skill levels) to play the game.
  • The idea is to enjoy the tactics as well as the physical play.
Enjoy the best bits!
  • The game is easy to learn, and girls and boys can play together.
  • Everyone is involved when we play. It’s a team effort! You can play, umpire or even score!
  • Quick Stix 3x3 is great for the development of hand/eye coordination.
  • The game is modified to make it safe.
  • There are pathways to lacrosse at an elite level. Students can go on to represent their state and country.
  • For instructors and parents, the modified lacrosse terms and rules are easy to explain.

 Quick Stix Lacrosse

Kids can play Quick Stix with a lacrosse club or at school.

Quick Stix Inform

One hour presentation
  1. First, learn about Quick Stix lacrosse.
  2. Your state/territory lacrosse association visits schools to introduce and demonstrate Quick Stix lacrosse in a presentation called Quick Stix Inform. The aim is to encourage teachers and students to take on the Quick Stix Involve program.
  3. Lacrosse clubs can also run Quick Stix Inform, at local community events. The aim is to demonstrate Quick Stix to families who have no experience with lacrosse.
  4. Quick Stix Challenge is a chance to understand more about game strategy. Then, with their skills boosted by Challenge, children may choose to sign up to a club’s junior lacrosse team.
If you would like to book an Inform session for your school or community event, contact ...

Quick Stix Involve

Five week program (one hour per week)
  1. School and clubs run Quick Stix Involve to introduce students aged 5–12 to the modified lacrosse game. The program aims to develop the three basic skills of catching, scooping and throwing, and teach the game rules.
If you would like to run Quick Stix Involve at your school, Register on the Teacher page. If you would like your child to attend a club’s Quick Stix Involve program, go to the Registration page.

Quick Stix Invade

Five week program (one hour per week)
After kids complete the Involve program, they can join a club’s Quick Stix Invade program to learn more about game strategy and play competitive games. Remember:
  1. Sessions run after school, so kids and parents don’t have to turn up on weekends.
  2. Like Quick Stix Involve, Quick Stix Invade uses plastic sticks and soft balls to develop the three basic skills (catching, scooping and throwing). But it focuses more on game play. The first session will be half skill development and half games, then game time will increase for the following four sessions.
  3. Younger children can play Quick Stix Challenge for one, two or three years, getting ready for when they are old enough for junior lacrosse.
If you would like your child to attend a club’s Quick Stix Invade program, go to the Registration page.

Our History

The acceptance of ALA's Quick Stix program into Sporting Schools for 2018 by Sport Australia represented a long journey, a major achievement and a tremendous opportunity to grow lacrosse in Australia. Being the 33rd Sport in the Sporting Schools program and the first added since inception of Sporting Schools, our first term showed the demand for undiscovered sports throughout the country running a total of 55 programs. The number of programs continues to rise today with the expansion of the Sporting Schools program and acceptance into the Secondary School stream of Sporting Schools from Term 2, 2019.